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This is fantastic golf camp. Their formula of specializing on a different game aspect each day, combined with fun mini team events and challenges, really keeps the children's interest.

The great thing about this golf camp, is the value. The kids get access to Top Level Coaching. Every child gets the quality one on one instruction, which means there getting the direct coaching tips they need to improve. The skills challenges and end of week Olymipcs are a Blast!

The Jr Camp at AllGolf, is a great learning environment for the kids. The golf instructors inject a personalised and friendly feel to their Camps, ensuring an all inclusive fun and friendly atmosphere.

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How To Send Us Your Swing Video For Review


Step 1

When you purchase either a Swing Review', we will ask you to provide an email that you would like us to contact you on. To this email we will send a link to a Great and Free Golf Swing Recording App. (Compatible on iOS, Android or any Cpu with internet). The link we provide preconfigures the App for you, so you are already set up as a Student of Ours, and Us as your Golf Coach.


Step 2

Our email link also will give clear instructions on how to properly record your Swing from 2 Angles:  "Face On" and "Down The Line". You can record the swings straight from you new golf swing App, or just upload Swing files straight from your camera roll or Cpu. On the App, simply press Share and Choose Tom Freeman. (Remember we have already pre-set this in the app for you via the link - Great !


Step 3

From here we will take care of the rest. Just Sit Back and Relax, Your Swing Review Video, personally analysed by Tom Freeman will be sent back to you within 24 hours, fully Annotated with side by side Tour Pro Comparisons, and some Great Tips to help you fix your swing. Your Review Video will appear as a link in your email and directly on your App, which means you can watch it anywhere and anytime.